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How to Get Here


Directions from Seattle

1. Get On I-I North
2. Drive I-5 N 88.0 mi to Bellingham.
3. On the North Side of Bellingham, take exit 255 for WA-542/Sunset Dr 0.2 mi
4. Turn right at E Sunset Dr/WA-542 (signs for WA-542)
5. Continue to follow WA-542 9.9 mi
6. Turn left at Lawrence Rd/WA-9
7. Continue to follow WA-9 6.3 mi
8. Turn left at Nooksack Rd/WA-9 292 ft
9. Turn right at Nooksack Ave/WA-9 3.3 mi
10. Turn right at E Badger Rd/WA-9
11. Continue to follow WA-9, Entering Canada (British Columbia) 4.2 mi
12. Continue on Sumas Way 2.0 mi
13. Take the ramp to TC-1/Hope 0.3 mi
14. Merge onto HWY-1 E 48.3 mi
15. Continue on Hwy 3 E/Hwy 3B E (signs for BC-5/Kelowna/Coquihalla Hwy/Merritt/KAMLOOPS) 22.4 mi
16. Continue on HWY 3/HWY 3B 60.5 mi
17. Turn left at HWY 5A 328 ft

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